DJK IndustriesWe aspire to rank among the top HVAC product manufacturers both
locally and internationally in terms of quality and reputation.

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With a firm understanding of the criticality of temperature and humidity regulation, DJK Industries, founded in 1992, specializes in manufacturing HVAC systems tailored for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Our comprehensive range of products includes Air Processing Units (for Fluid Bed Dryer and AutoCoater), Air Handling Units, Heat Exchangers, and Centrifugal Fans. These cutting-edge solutions ensure precise environmental control throughout crucial processes such as formulation, packaging, and storage, safeguarding the integrity and quality of pharmaceutical and food products.

Since our inception, we have experienced remarkable growth in the HVAC market, prompting the establishment of Ultra Air Tech Pvt. Ltd. in 2006 to cater to the increasing demand for our top-notch offerings. Over the past 28 years, DJK Industries has forged strong partnerships with renowned companies in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products and meeting stringent regulatory standards has earned us a diverse and extensive client base.

As we continue to evolve, DJK Industries remains dedicated to providing innovative HVAC solutions that optimize manufacturing processes, enhance product quality, and ensure a safe and healthy working environment in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

HistoryTracing Our Journey Through Key Milestones

DJK was Founded by Vineet Patel & Dinesh Patel as a centrifugal fan manufacturer in an 11000 sq ft area
Started with portable chiller package unit manufacturing
Built the 11000 sqft of manufacturing facility
Started with AHU manufacturing
Secured our first huge order of air handling units for Ramoji film city Hyderabad
Supplied our AHU to the pharma industry
Opened another company named Ultra Air Tech Pvt. Ltd. is a 21000 sqft manufacturing facility
Supplied our first air preparation unit to the pharma manufacturing equipment industry
Started our first turn key project in pharmaceutical HVAC

QualityCommitted to Upholding
High Standards in
HVAC Products

Our utmost priority is to excel in delivering remarkable products and services to our valued customers. We achieve this by leveraging cutting-edge manufacturing practices and the finest materials available in the industry.

Our unwavering dedication is directed towards ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers. This commitment is upheld by our focus on producing products that not only meet but exceed the highest standards of quality. To accomplish this, we adhere to the most rigorous quality control measures and stay aligned with the latest and most effective techniques in industrial manufacturing.

By placing such emphasis on excellence and customer-centricity, we aim to set new benchmarks in our industry and establish ourselves as a trusted and preferred choice among customers seeking the finest products and services available.

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