Air Handling Unit

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Custom Air Handling Unit

DJK offers custom-made wide-area air handling units exclusively for the pharma & health care industries and clean room applications.

The modular design of this unit provides a wide range of applications by combining various functional units (modules) for ventilation, heating, cooling, filtration, air dehumidification

All units are tailor-made as per our customer

  • Construction is a combination of aluminum profiles and plastic laminated panels, filled with polyurethane or rock wool
  • Thermally separated modular design
  • Equipped with Plug Fan/DIDW fan with IE2/ IE3 or a Permanent Magnet motor. Can also be Equipped with an EC fan.
hygienic-air-preparation-unit hygienic-air-preparation-unit-open

Hygienic Air Preparation Unit

Hygienic air preparation units represent a special performance of modular devices that are applied in the Pharma Granulation line where it is necessary to maintain a certain Absolute humidity and temperature and to provide an appropriate class of air purity.

For extremely low dew point requirements, this unit can be configured with the desiccant Dehumidification unit. This helps in reducing humidity and optimizing the dryness in the air before it comes in contact with the product being manufactured.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facilities (suitable for Fluid Bed Dryer, Coater, and Container washing)

heat-recovery-unit heat-recovery-unit-open

Heat Recovery Unit

This is an energy-efficient air handling unit which is available in Various heat recovery configurations such as a Heat Recovery Wheel, Cross Flow Heat exchanger, and Heat Pipe Recovery.

The sensible and latent heat exchange between the waste air stream and the fresh air stream is carried out by using these heat exchangers. The temperature efficiency of these heat exchangers is up to 80%

  • An ecological system with low power consumption
  • Heat transferred from one air flow to another without mixing the air flows
  • Reduce the load on the central HVAC system
  • Both Latent and sensible recovery